My Niece, Quinn


This is my adorable niece, Quinn, who was born May 15, 2019.

At the request of her mama, I snapped a few images while we were visiting Texas in late June.

This girl LOVES to sleep (you wouldn’t know it by looking at these photos, though!), LOVES her pacifier (she cried every time we took it out), and is so LOVED by her mama, daddy and big sister. And of course, ME!!! (And the rest of her extended family.)

Welcome to the world, Miss Quinn! You are a blessing.

Texas Minis | The M Family

I was honored to be able to take my youngest sister’s maternity photos again.

Isn’t she just glowing?!

Such a pretty mama.

Meredith Family Print 8.jpg
Meredith Family Print 31.jpg
Meredith Family Print 10.jpg

I also took photos of E by herself, and with her mama and daddy.

Meredith Family Print 21.jpg

I love, love, love this photo of Kate and Ellis looking at one another. Such authentic connection and gorgeous light!

Meredith Family Print 4.jpg

E’s giggle is the BEST!

Meredith Family Print 34.jpg

Thanks, P, for being a great sport and hamming it up for the camera. Two peas in a pod!

Meredith Family Print 25.jpg

I’m so glad I was able to capture images of this family of three in March because just two months later, they became a family of FOUR! Congrats, M Family!

Texas Minis | The C & K Families

While I was in Texas visiting my youngest sister and her family, I had the opportunity to photograph my cousin, her husband, and their 4-year-old son, along with both sets of their parents.

They drove over an hour and a half to take photos with me, and I SO appreciate them making the long trip.

I enjoyed getting to see all of them! Because I live in California and they live in Texas and New Mexico, we really only see each other at weddings and funerals. And meeting my cousin’s husband’s parents for the first time was a treat!

Chumley Family Web 1.jpg
Chumley Family Web 2.jpg
Chumley Family Web 3.jpg
Chumley Family Web 4.jpg
Chumley Family Web 5.jpg

C is the SWEETEST 4-year-old boy who listens and follows directions so well.

Chumley Family Print 18.jpg

Seeing the bond that C has with his maternal grandmother (who lived with him for awhile recently) was precious!

The B Family | Lincoln, California

I enjoyed taking photos of the B family last fall at a private residence in Lincoln.

Mom had been wanting photos of the whole family — the kids and grandkids — for YEARS, and after exchanging a dozen Facebook messages or so, we finally found a date that worked with everyone’s busy schedules.

And remarkably, every single person was ON TIME for the photo session! How did they accomplish that? Unbeknownst to me, Mom had told everyone to be there at 3:00 pm, instead of the REAL start time of 3:30 pm. Smart, eh?!

Baker Family Web 2.jpg
Baker Family Print 21.jpg
Baker Family Web 7.jpg
Baker Family Web 10.jpg
Baker Family Web 3.jpg

Fall Mini-Sessions | Bywater Hollow Lavender Farm

After my October mini-session schedule filled up, I had two more families request mini-sessions. I’d been wanting to try out Bywater Hollow Lavender Farm in Lincoln for some time, so I scheduled an afternoon of mini-sessions there in November.

I photographed four families in all; I’d taken photos of two of the families before, and two were in front of my lens for the first time.

As it turns out, I met ALL of these families through Mountain Moms, a wonderful group of parents and kids in the Sierra Foothills. I’m super grateful for the friendships I’ve formed through Mountain Moms, and for the clients I’ve gotten to photograph.

I look forward to photographing more families at Bywater Hollow Lavender Farm soon!

The W Family

The W Family

The K Family

The K Family

The B Family

The B Family

The S Family

The S Family

Fall Mini-Sessions | Vina Castellano

In the fall, I hosted TWO days of mini-sessions! In October, I photographed five families at Vina Castellano Vineyards, a beautiful Sierra Foothills winery located in Auburn. I’d taken photographs of two of the families before — I’m so grateful for returning clients — and the other three were new-to-me families.

The grounds were really pretty with a lot of variety: vineyards, golden grass, rock outcroppings, green grass, a pond, and more.

In fact, all five of the photos below were taken in different areas of the 8-acre property.

And the lighting that afternoon and evening? Oh my, it was SO beautiful!

I hope to shoot at Vina Castellano Vineyards again!

The E Family

The E Family

The J Family

The J Family

The K Family

The K Family

The O Boys

The O Boys

The P Family

The P Family